Social Media and Influencers: How I Embraced The Two in My Public Relations Campaign

This winter term I participated in the PRSSA Bateman Case Study Competition on the University of Oregon team with four other students. From the beginning, I knew that the campaign was going to rely heavily on social media. Our client this year was The Campaign to Change Direction, a national mental health initiative driven by concerned citizens, nonprofit leaders, and leaders from the private sector.

On behalf of Change Direction, we created Ducks Change Together, a unique campaign with a goal to change the way University of Oregon students think and talk about mental health.

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Social media etiquette and finding your voice


Social media has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It started off in middle school when I joined MySpace behind my parent’s backs and then in 2009 when I made my Facebook profile.

When I joined the world of social media, I did not understand its purpose and I certainly did not know that social media would be a career path that I would one day want to follow.

However, some days, I miss the simplicity of it all.

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Three unique ways to use your Instagram story

When Instagram Stories first rolled out last August, I despised it for copying Snapchat’s story feature. However, I recently realized that not taking advantage of it is really a missed opportunity. I still prefer using Snapchat for personal uses, however, I have been really enjoying exploring different ways to use Instagram Stories for the various accounts I manage. Recently, I have been playing around with my sororities Instagram to try out these three different Instagram story ideas.


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Do’s and Don’ts for Being Social Online


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It seems like just about everyone is on social media these days, but having a social media presence is only half the journey. More times than not, brands are hesitant to get started on social media because managing a full editorial calendar is a lot of work.

However, posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram once a day is not enough.

In order to pull off a successful social media strategy, you must also join engage with your audience and join in on the conversation.

Check out my tips for doing so:

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Top Three Tools for Twitter

Managing social media takes a lot of time, but that is not something people usually assume. When you think of social media, you think: quick, witty, short, and timely… but it actually takes a lot of thought and effort to achieve these things.

Since Twitter is such a fast-paced environment, both quality AND quantity of content matter. As many social media managers know, this particular platform takes a lot of time and effort to maintain. So, here are my go-to tools for Twitter content management:

Cellular Phone Social Twitter Screen Phone

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The Shift to Social

For the next 8 weeks I will be transitioning my blog and writing about social media on this space! Traditionally, I have used simply amanda to reflect on my life, talk about fashion & beauty, and share random musings. For the longest time I have thought about rebranding this blog to serve a greater purpose, but I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to take .

This term, I am taking a strategic public relations communication course at the UO’s School of Journalism and Communications. I am really excited about this class because I get the chance to improve my writings skills and further dive into the world of blogging. Additionally, I have decided to take this opportunity to blog about one of my favorite things, social media!


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